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Join us as we will be hosting new and old friends in a wide variety of workshops primarily focused on natural building as well as topics like growing food & medicine, watershed regeneration, healing arts culture, community, and music. Check back for new postings, or add yourself to our mailing list here.

We are still fine tuning the schedule based on teacher availability, relationship to the moon cycle, and west coast festivals that distract participant focus. 

We are also experimenting with participant arrangements as by time availability.


Aligning Heart, Health, and Hands

All of our multi day workshops include a simple breakfast, Organic Lunch and Dinner and a part of our day dedicated to personal space which can be spent guided in yoga asanas.


***check back soon for updated fees and registration options***

June 7th-13th:

A week in the life of a Homestead

Led by Blair Phillips and guest teachers

Ready to get a feel for living off grid? Come align your head with your heart, hands, and health by diving into living permaculture and regenerative lifestyle with :

  • Morning Meditation and yoga asana practice

  • all organic local lunch and dinner

  • garden time 

  • overview of water, power and compost systems

  • watershed and forest regeneration

  • natural building overview

     FEE: $700

Each workshop is two-part, the weekend intensive (Friday trough Saturday) will be the bulk of information and hands on and classroom learning; followed by a 4 day practicum in which students will further develop thier skills while preparing for the next intensive. The first of the workshop series will be followed by two different weeks of practicum time. Participants are encouraged to attend both the intensive and practicum for the fullest learning experience. Workshops fees include an all organic, local as possible lunch and dinner as well as camping/housing options. We will also offer simple breakfast of oats, peanut butter and bannanas. participants are invited to bring snacks and goodies to supplement thier personal needs.

Before April 15th we are offering:

1 workshop for $400

2 workshops for $700

3 workshops for $1000

4 workshops for $1200

Practicum fees are to cover food and other costs of hosting at $120-$160 sliding scale

After April 15 the prices will go up approximately $100 per workshop. These prices are for intensives; for practicums we request an additional $20-$40/day for food, cook and other hosting costs.

This is part four in a four part series that covers practice and theory of structural systems (timber framing), insulation (straw bales) and thermal mass wall systems (cob, adobe, wattle and daub). The 

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Past Workshops

This is a history of workshops we've held starting in 2017.  A record for our own posterity and for anyone curious about our knowledge base and background.

4/5-7/19 - Tending the Forest for Fire Prevention and Watershed Regeneration

3/25/17  -  Introduction to Watershed Regeneration with Fire Prevention - Blair Phillips