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Work Parties

Come get our hands dirty with us in focused, come unity  building celebration!!Typically, work days are about 6 hours (sometimes longer in the summer) with a generous lunch break. When there are many hands for light work the momentum gives way to the collective flow and focus.  Volunteers are welcome out side of work parties via prior arrangement. prayerful, we gonna make MUSIC! Bring your strings, flutes, drums.... 

Some of our work parties include special events around the moon and the solstice. In such cases the work flow will be adjusted to create sacred space to honor the time with reflection and celebration.

The focus for the schedule of the work parties is completely in preparation and support for the ALIGNING THE HEART,HEALTH AND HANDS 2022 WORKSHOP SERIES.

There will be projects to attend to in the GARDENS, getting them abundant for the eating, and the healing... we will be doing detail preparations for the NATURAL BUILDING part of the series as well as playing in the forest developing campsites to receive more new friends...

May 5th and 6th  will be most spent in the gardens 

May 27-29th is also a weekend

June 13-17th is based on the full moon in Sagittarius. We will be celebrating with sacred space for reflection and celebration. we have a hunch this is gonna be a real fun week ;) We will be riding the wave of a big local festival the weekend before) 

June 20-26 revolves around Summer Solstice. Plan on spending the solstice in celebration as we honor the peak of light. The horizon is still light at 10pm!!

July 1-7th starts on the weekend and goes through the week

July 18th to 22nd

July 28th-31 will be tending to the energy of the NEW MOON in Leo. We will be holding space for deep reflection, letting go and intention setting. 

August 3rd and 4th this is the final push of preparations before five weeks of workshops...all Heroes welcome!!!!

August 23rd-25th will be a little set change as we do the final preparations for what is likey to be our biggest workshop to date ...Penny said up to 50 of us!!!!!

September 18th to 21st

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