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In Gratitude


Please consider donating to help achieve a greater reach and efficacy to the work we do. We promise to hold a high bar in the courses we will be offering in the future to hone your skill base and devlop a demonstration site that will model a pathway to the world we all wish to live in. All donations are tax deductible through our fiscal sponsor The Cloud Forest Institute, 501(c)3

Although cash donations have their place, we are also lifted by IN-Kind Donations. below is a wish list that will help us get to the next levels (not in order of priority)

  • documentation equipment

    • go pros​

    • gimbles

    • wireless mini clip on mics

    • ipad/macbook
  • corrugated metal roofing

  • woven green house cover

  • engineered greenhouse (26x85)

  • pond liner

  • water tanks

  • spanish roof tiles

  • mosaic tiles

  • flat stone (for building and accent)

  • conduit

  • copper pipe (standard and flexible)

  • on demand propane water heater

  • stainless steel steamer pots 

  • canvas / sails /billboard

  • Commercial kitchen equipment

  • stove pipe and fittings (insulated and non insulated)

  • food grade containers

  • ceramic pots

  • welding equipment

  • rope

  • pex tubing

  • bees wax

  • heavy duty shelving

  • solar panels

  • garden hoses

  • tools of all types

  • 12 volt pumps

  • mobile tool chests

  • beeswax

  • belltents/tipis/yurts

  • led lights/lightbulbs

  • food grade storage containers

  • wood clad Dual pane window/french doors

  • wool insulation

  • hand tools

  • power tools

  • flatbed trailers

  • clawfoot bathtubs ( especially 2 person) 

  • metal shelving racks

  • fire bricks

  • bulk head fittings

  • fermentation vessels

  • ipc totes (food grade)

  • laser level

  • media culture bottles

  • petri dishes

  • canning jars and lids 

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