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Plugging In 

Abuela Gardens is openly accepting requests to volunteer as first steps to joining our community. 

We are open to shorter staying volunteers, longer visiting interns, and single focus apprentices. To learn more about our community click here.  If you have inquiry or interest in being a part of what we have listed below and more, contact us!

Below are different areas of focus involved in making things happen at Abuela Gardens. Currently we are all contributing wherever we can, but as we grow we will each have the ability to follow what calls us and specialize in certain areas where we can be most impactful, supportive and supported. If you are applying for a working visit, please let us know if any of these areas particularly spark your interest.


If you are ready to live the dream go here to fill out our questionnaire!

Garden Crew: looking for two bright hearts ready to grow food for our community and visitors

  • Basic garden maintenance

  • Soil biology stewardship

  • Composting

  • orchard tree care

  • Pruning

  • Plant propagation

  • Planting/harvesting

  • Species selection

  • Soil preparation for future plantings

  • Mushroom cultivation support

  • Animal stewardship support

  • Mulch sourcing & application

  • bee care and habitat building

Building Crew : accepting applicants for a season-long immersion! see natural building series

  • Moving and processing of materials

    • Including but not limited to:

      • turning the soil beneath our feet into bricks, cob, and plasters

      • harvest and skinning of trees, and foraged coppice

  • timber framing

  • all facets of detail work from foundations to mortise and tenon to finish plastering

Public Relations

  • Grant writing

  • Networking

  • Advertisement

  • Social media

  • Workshop organizing

  • Crew organizing

  • Fundraising strategy

Community organizer

  • Event planning

  • Workshop organizing

  • Resource acquisition

  • Super

  • Work trade overseer

  • Project budgeting

Forest Regeneration Crew

  • Resource grading

  • Swale, keyline, and trail development

  • Animal rotation

  • Fertility pocket design

  • Forest non-timber and timber propagation, planting, and harvest

  • Mushroom propagation

  • Wildlife corridor development

  • Fencing

  • Coppice planting, maintenance, and harvest


  • Works directly with garden crew

  • Grocery runs and bulk ordering

  • Keeps kitchen clean and organized to minimize over-buying and waste

  • Communicates with community about requests

  • Meals on time every day

  • Keeps meals simple and nutritious, one big special meal per week

Animal Husbandry

  • Goat tending

  • Goat shepherding

  • Pen maintenance

  • bee care and habitat building

If you are ready to live the dream go here

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