Perennial Intercropping

Abuela Gardens is approaching perennial intercropping in both full sun and integrated shade forest gardens. Our full sun locale are focused more on food crops and designed, essentially, from scratch. Where as our forest gardens are a much more complex matrix of stratified species selection through planned disturbance and planting. (see Animal Integration, Forest Gardens and Regeneration)


The remnants of logging operations have left the forest dominated by thick stands of doug fir which tend to crowd out the remaining forest made up primarily of Madrone, Tan Oak, and Quercus spp.  After being cleared by our goat friends, human disturbance comes in the form of clearing all dead, damaged, diseased, and deformed specimens. This material is sorted for compost/mulch, passive terraces and swales. Then we clear based on sun path in relation to existing deciduous specimens and potential forest garden beds. Here we inoculate logs for mushrooms and plant more shade loving forest food, medicinals, and nitrogen fixers. Current species include Goldenseal, black and blue cohosh, angelica ssp, chesnut, as well as saskatoon and others. 


Beyond the forest garden beds, once standards (specimen groves to be left uncut) have been determined, sun path is plotted to introduce saskatoon and chestnut for food crops. Black locust, and Honey locust are introduced for coppice crop.