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Natural Building


How do we start from nothing and make functional beauty ? What are the steps that we take to build from as many local materials as possible? How do we define sustainable natural building? 

 Come learn with us during the building season of 2021, when we will be building with earth to develop new community space, and work toward more living spaces for our growing and flowing center. We will be offering volunteer intern positions, apprenticeship, and single focus workshops. for more information click here

The buildings we will be working on are inspired by traditional techniques and styles fused with energy saving styles. We have been studying Minka (traditional Japanese rural farm houses), homes of Latin Americas and the fun styles of radical natural builders like Sun Ray Kelly. It is our prayer and intention to honor our teachers, spirit and new friends awaking to our way of life with everything we build. We have finished some design plans and are ready for rainy season to end when we will be begin the building season with finishing the site preparation, materials acquisition, and smaller projects as we dance around the weather. You are encouraged to contact us here and/or fill out the questionnaire we ask new friends to complete before an official invite. 

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