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​May 10-16th(Start with the full moon): Forest Symbiosis 

Led by Blair Phillips


Each workshop is two-part, the weekend intensive (Friday through Saturday) will be the bulk of information and hands on learning; followed by a 5 day practicum. Participants are encouraged to attend both the workshop and practicum for the full experience which is incentivized by a reduced workshop tuition.

​Workshops fees include an all organic, local as possible lunch and dinner as well as camping/housing options. As harvest time progresses we'll be eating more & more from the garden on site. 


For friends interested in going deep we are inviting 6 people to do an immersion through the Natural building series. This immersion allows participants to attend workshops for free and have all meals provided in exchange for weekly work hours, primarily toward building, but also other supportive tasks for workshop prep and facility maintenance. 


  • Harvesting and processing materials: we will site and harvest round poles for timber frame from the forest onsite, and process them for use.

    • safe tools of the trade use

    • tool maetenance

    • introduction to the alaskan mill, used for cutting slabs from round poles 

  • we will be collecting all the byproducts and using them for Watershed regeneration and fire prevention. 

    • learn how to place contours and key lines outside of the textbook exampless​

    • we will sight and build passive berms for sinking water into the ground 

  • Expect to work directly in the forest

  • Learn how to grade raw resources for all types of homestead uses 

Weekend Intensive Fee: 300-600$ sliding scale

Weekday Practicum Fee: 300-600$ sliding scale

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