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May 22-24, 2020

Building with Earth: Cob, Clay Plasters & Adobe Blocks; Construction Details

Instructors: Michael G Smith, Colin Gillespie and, Blair Phillips

Each workshop is organized into two parts, the weekend Intensive (Friday through Sunday) will include the bulk of theoretical and practical training, followed by a 4-day Practicum (Monday through Thursday) focused on hands-on building experience. Participants are encouraged to attend both the workshop and practicum for the full experience which is incentivized by a reduced workshop tuition.

Workshops fees include an all organic, local as possible lunch and dinner as well as camping/housing options. As harvest time progresses we'll be eating more & more from the garden on site.  Fee also includes optional guided early morning yoga class.


For friends interested in going deep we are inviting 6 people to do an immersion through the Natural building series. This immersion allows participants to attend workshops for a discounted rate and have all meals provided in exchange for weekly work hours, primarily toward building, but also other supportive tasks for workshop prep and facility maintenance. ​

Description: More fun with clay, straw, and sticks! Building on what we learned in the previous workshop, we will branch out into other earthen wall systems and begin the finishing process.

• Make adobe blocks from clay soil mixed with straw or other fibers

• Build different styles of earthen arches, with and without forms

• Make several types of wattle and daub, a sculptural, thin earthen wall made of sticks, clay and straw

• Learn the steps to turn a raw earthen or straw bale wall into a finished, durable wall by applying plasters made of clay and lime.

• Understand how to connect multiple natural wall systems together in a strong, efficient hybrid home

The extended practicum will include more wall building and much more experience with earthen plasters.

Three-day Intensive Fee:  400$-800$ sliding scale

Weekday Practicum Fee: 40-80 sliding scale

Interested in doing our immersion for a discount?

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