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We are a fluctuating and flowing family of new and old friends inspired to turn our daily busy-ness into service for the growth and healing of all. We are refining our relationship with ourselves and each other while we align our hearts with our hands, creating the type of world we want to see. 


In recognizing the privilege to work directly with the water we drink, and grow more and more of the food and medicine we consume, we see it as a responsibility to offer our services and products to those interested in learning the approach, skills and tools of artistic regenerative design.

Community focus and values


Our community operates from a place of mindfulness about our radiating sphere of influence. We believe effective and lasting change has a solid core and radiates outward starting with ourselves as individuals, then our core team, our community, our immediate environment, the surrounding local environment and community, to the great beyond.

Kindness, Compassion, Consideration, Connection, Co-creation, and Come-Unity are at the core of Abuela's heart. We are breaking the paradigm of “every man for himself” and the belief that gentleness and vulnerability are weaknesses.

  • We aim to live from a place of unconditional love and service.

  • We recognize ourselves and others as learning, growing, imperfect humans doing our best.

  • We remind ourselves and each other to be solution focused, open & receptive, heart-centered, grounded, hope-filled reflections of each others light (but conscious not to be light washers).

  • We ritualize life by studying the biodynamics calendar and honoring natural cycles of celestial influence. We use this understanding to plan:

    • Work

    • Planting

    • Rest

    • Ceremony and Celebration

    • Moon tunings

                           *Moon tunings are when the community comes together at new and full moons to:

                              -  Check in and open heart space

                              -  Review accomplishments (personal and big-picture)

  •                       -  Visit calendars

    • Vision

    • Celebrate

  • We are in continued dialogue with and about plants, seasonally focusing on

    • Immune-building, Detoxifying, Tonifying, and Nourishing.

  • We keep a simple, whole foods diet

  • We work toward zero waste.

  • We consider ways to cut ties to our dependence on town.

  • We consider ways to reduce our impact and live lightly.

  • We are focused on personal growth and healing and are actively studying and practicing.

  • We love to laugh, play, sing, dance and are studying various types of music.

  • We are not afraid of working hard.

  • We believe work done in a focused way with a joyful, playful spirit is our love and prayers made visible.

Does Abuela Gardens sound like the place for you? 

If you are interested in joining our community for a short visit or long-term stay, fill out a Questionaire

Current Resident Stewards

Blair, the founder of Abuela Gardens (2013), Has a BA in Environmental Studies with an emphasis in Agroecology and education ( UCSC 2006). Blair is a certified permaculture designer and teacher who has studied with the best(2007). Teachers like Dr. Elaine Ingham, Geoff Lawton, Darren Doherty, Penny Livingston, Broc Dolmon, Ian Davidson, Steve Gliesman, and Michael Flynn. (2004-to present).  Since Blair's teenage years he has been exploring practices to awaken the inner self and align with the world outside. This inquisition has led him to explore meditation, yoga, plant medicine, traditional west african drumming, and other healing arts. The fusion of internal work with the external has led Blair on a journey to make his work into visible prayers. 

Blair was also the original the founder of Common Vision (1999), ( a non profit organization responsible for planting thousands of fruit trees in California, most of which were planted on California’s school campuses by a caravan of earth educators running on waste vegetable oil. In the first ten years, Common Vision used traditional and circus arts performance to inspire children toward a healthy, hands-on relationship with the earth. Blair has worked internationally to propagate an additional 7000 trees in Guinea, West Africa. (2008) He has also studied at Cal Earth (2010) and helped build a super adobe dome structure for a school in Dogon country, Mali, West Africa (2010). He has participated in other natural building workshops covering straw bale, plastering, light straw clay, wattle and daub as well as cantanary vaults. (2008-present). In early 2012 Blair spent time working with the Huichol Community Center to develop a 4 year strategy to develop water and make certain changes to enhance the productivity of their traditional farming practices. 2014-2015 Blair traveled to Peru to explore his fascination with plant medicines and indigenous culture.

Blair has been offering his consulting and development services privately since 2012 

Settling into the hills of Willits (2012) had inspired Blair to have an intimate relationship with the watershed, designing Abuela Gardens based on regenerative relationship with the surrounding environment in a multifaceted approach. By keeping water at the core, agro-ecological development, forest regeneration, animal rotation, aquifer recharge points, natural building projects and nursery work are placed providing a developing model of design for local neighbors and beyond.

In the winter of 2017-2018 Blair went to Reshikesh, India to study with masters of lineage to become a Certified Yoga Teacher. This journey was the transition and initiation to helping others fine tune their own internal practices and integrate them through recalibration of the Heart, Health, and Hands. 

Since 2019, Blair has been working with the Forest Reciprocity Group (FRoG) to develop strategy and educational programing to help people who live in fire prone forested areas understand our relationship with the forest, and health fire while making use of small diameter poles thinned in fire prevention work.

Continuing on the path of service Blair created Abuela Gardens to be a campus for those who engage with themselves and the land. He is inspired to help people focus their self practice towards a regenerative lifestyle internally and externally. He is excited to continue helping people outside of Abuela Gardens with broad acreage land and water regeneration. 

Runa has been with Abuela Gardens since 2014. A transplant from North Dakota, where the snow was so deep she couldn't see her path clearly, she finally surrendered to Spirit which blessed her with Home in the sunshine of California where she shows up with all the love of the buffalo plains. Heartfelt activism is at the core of her motivations making her love visable through her works organizing, cultivating the gardens, and focusing on next steps to enlighten the community experience. 

She is passionate, dedicated, enthusiastic, caring, and most of all focused on healing and come-unity...encouraging, incorporating and intertwining relationships with the peoples, forest, plant medicine, food plants, water, and animals. She is our resident kitchen witch - headlining the communal kitchen, keeping the community nourished and healthy with meals, medicine making and food preservation. She is also bliss-full while tending the gardens (particularly expanding medicinal flowers and herbs), working with animals, and completing her own building project making a gypsy wagon.

Other than working on the land, Runa loves to create things! Music, clothing & crafts, woodworking projects, healthy, fun and tasty food stuffs, tinctures, salves, and teas. Her passion is in holding space for healing and continuing to explore what that means for each individual human and humanity as a whole. She also loves hiking and exploring in the forest, and occasional visits to civilization for tastes of culture, new food experiences, live music, etc

Come, you need tea! 

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