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Animal Integration

The original inhabitants of Abuela Gardens have retreated deeper into the forest and tend to watch over our every move from there. Occasionally when things come to a stillness in the gardens they come to inspect, looking for offerings we leave for them and taking when we forget. We are actively examining our design to maintain wildlife corridors, through and around the property.We thank them for their magnificence.


In an effort to work with nature in tending the wild in the absence of fire we have introduced goats to help us clear and re-mineralize the forest soils. With goats as the primary leaders in a grazing plan we significantly reduce the use of fossil fuels (and our backs).  We have a primary bedding paddock with in the intensive use zone and electric fencing to mob graze the heard through sites ready for clearing with out over grazing. We follow the Goats with humans taking down the four D's (see Forest Gardens and Regeneration) and eventually chickens to turn the soil, mine pests, and add a dose of nitrogen.

In addition to the native bees and other insects that we plant habitat for, Abuela's Bees are kept primarily for replenishing honey bee populations. The hives are in a constant dynamic state. growing swarming and re-establishing themselves.

Abuela Gardens inoculates with worms by keeping a passive propagation basket at the top of the garden. The result is worms consistently coming to see whats going on when ever plants are disturbed anywhere in the garden.

We also actively make thermophelic compost as a habitat for an improved diversity of beneficial populations to enhance the soil food web. 

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